Forest Economic Development

28 Sep, 2014


The Forest Local Economic Development Project is a four year project of CNVP with financial support from the Swedish Development Cooperation through Sida.

The main objective of the project is: 'Improved decentralised and sustainable Communal Forestry providing increased production, service and income to rural communities.' There are five specific focus areas:

    Outcome 1: Land tenure and property rights for communal forestry
    Outcome 2: Structure and functioning of the communal forestry organisations; FPUA and their regional and national Federations
    Outcome 3: Value chain development for forest products and the related associations and producer groups
    Outcome 4: Sustainable Forest Management and practices within communal forestry
    Outcome 5: Sharing and influencing policy and institutions for communal forestry based on the issues address

The main partners are: Forest Pastures Users' Associations and Communes in selected target areas, Regional Federations of Communal Forest and Pastures and the National Federation of Communal Forest and Pastures. The project cooperation during the implementation as well with the Ministry of Environment and the State Forest Extension Service.