"Empowering women for NTFPs development of Prespa"

24 May, 2021



"Empowering women for NTFPs development of Prespa" is the new project funded by PONT and implemented by CNVP for the next three years. The project agreement was signed by representatives of CNVP and PONT on the 22-nd of May 2021, in the city of Resen, North Macedonia.

Individual collectors and cultivators of MAPs will be the focus of the project, attempting to strengthen the linkages with the business sector.

The project will support the women of Prespa, on both sides of the border (North Macedonia and Albania) for future sustained actions in the field of NTFPs. The project aims to increase the “Rural Women of Prespa” organization's internal capacities to use the bioproducts and NFTP for catering activities.

This is a unique project supporting women, for achieving natural, social and economic benefits in the Prespa area.

Diverse project stakeholders from North Macedonia and Albania will be fully involved in project activities, benefiting from the capacity building, networking, sharing of experiences, and joint actions for NTFPs/MAPs.

CNVP and PONT have also worked together in the past joining capacities and efforts to support the Prespa area, aiming for biodiversity conservation, local economic development, and transboundary cooperation.