CNVP Serbia visits the 15th EcoFair in Belgrade

09 Oct, 2018


The International Fair of Environment and Natural Resource Protection - EcoFair - took place in Belgrade from 3-5 October 2018. It had an economic/educational focus that looked at environmental protection systems and mechanisms

The central topics of EcoFair were the Green Economy, the recycling industry and waste management. In addition to CNVP Serbia, the fair was attended by representatives of central and local public institutions from Serbia, civil society organisations and environmental media, as well as foreign and domestic private companies specialising in energy and waste management.

Discussions during the fair covered all aspects of environment protection: land, air, water, natural resources, recycling, environment service stock exchanges, local self-government, municipal equipment, and NGOs engaged in environmental protection. One discussion panel addressed Serbia’s progress, challenges and future steps regarding Chapter 27 of the acquis.