Fast growing tree plantations as an Innovative approach for sustainable solutions in Kosovo

27 Feb, 2024


Fast growing tree plantations as an Innovative approach for sustainable solution


Fast-growing trees offer a lot of advantages for farmers and communities, including increased income, improved land quality, climate change mitigation and diversified livelihoods by contributing to sustainable development goals.


In order to improve land access through the diversification of forest products and promote sustainable solutions, the Sida-funded SUNREED project has initiated an innovative approach of establishing fast-growing tree plantations. This initiative aims to empower communities, enhance land quality, mitigate climate change, and diversify livelihoods.


In partnership with a wood processing company in Peja, the project supports farmers in establishing fast-growing tree plantations. This collaboration encourages both the company and local farmers to work together to improve land quality, secure wood biomass from short-rotation plantations, and increase incomes for private forest owners. This partnership represents a new approach to market system development, promising environmental benefits and economic opportunities.


On February 26, 2024, within the framework of the SUNREED project, a poplar plantation was established in Isniq village, Deçan Municipality. With support from CNVP staff and forestry experts, local farmers and community members planted around 2 hectares of hybrid poplar, known for their ability to quickly enhance soil quality and biodiversity. These plantations offer opportunities for various industries, including timber and bioenergy, due to their short rotation cycle.


This initiative contributes to improving soil quality, offering a sustainable solution for land management, and addressing environmental issues while providing economic opportunities for the local community.