Support to the vulnerable groups of people

20 May, 2020


On 19 May 2020, CNVP Macedonia together with Eko-svest and DEM  have shared a total of 1000 protective masks and various vegetable and herb seeds that grows in our country. The activity was held together with the organization "Вистински Дела На Љубезност" (Real acts of kindness) that will share the materials to the vulnerable categories of citizens who could not afford to buy themselves.
Local food cultivation makes it easier for these categories of citizens to access it, and lower the greenhouse gas emissions, which helps in climate change mitigation.
We would like to invite our colleagues from civil society organizations in the environmental sector to cooperate with associations that work with vulnerable groups of citizens because the path to a fair transition is a path to a society where there is no poverty.
The materials are made as part of the project "Communities communicate climate change" implemented by Eco-svest, CNVP and DEM. The project is funded by the EU.