• Preserving Natural values - our goal

  • People and forests as one

  • Innovation – connecting private forest owners on the market

  • Sustainable Forest Management by the book

  • Learning from experience in the field

  • Empower rural women for enhancement of rural economy

  • PEFC regional Project

    Supporting Small Forest Holders in the Balkan countries as Drivers for the...
  • Food Security Training

    Increasing food security for small farm holdings in Rural Macedonia
  • Forest Local Economic...

    In Albania CNVP with Sida is supporting communal forestry in the Forest for...
  • Kosovo Forestry Support

    Strengthening Sustainable Private and Decentralised Forestry in Kosovo (SSPDF),...
  • Land Consolidation in...

    Project on "Support to the formulation and implementation of a national...
  • PEFC Project

    Supporting Stakeholders to Develop the Macedonian Forest Certification System


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About us

CNVP foundation is a legal demerger from SNV. Our expertise is in forestry and rural development. We provide quality services in the Balkan and beyond in Europe.Our programmes are in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia with good experience of joint business development with local partners and connected in the wider region. Our clients are ministries related to forestry/rural development, associations for communal/private forestry, local government, forest agencies and faculties. CNVP has cooperation with EU based partners. This prepares us for playing its European level capacity builder role in forestry...


CNVP works on sustainable forestry in private and communal forests, providing service on practices, methods and organisation in forestry.


CNVP supports rural communities through improved livelihood, innovative practices in rural development and forestry.


We provide capacity building to organisations and people via coaching, facilitation, technical expertise and knowledge to fulfil their mission.


Wood biomass production and connection of small scale forestry for production of renewable energy is one of the core expertise of CNVP.
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